AUITGGUI AutoSys Windows User Interface for R 11 and R 4.5


Overall description

AUITGGUI is a Windows based User Interface designed for AutoSys R 11 and 4.5.1 and beyond.

It is designed as a 4.5.1 lookalike with a lot of additional functionality:


      Multiple Instance Support. Both Windows and Unix/Linux Managers or mixed.

      Multiple Scheduler Consoles for each Instance

      Alarm Manager for all Instances

      Alarm Sentry for all Instances

      Support for Oracle and MS SQL Server (Sybase on request)

      Cross-database Support

      Cross-release Support (Scheduler Console and Alarm Manager only)

      Dependency Editor

      Machine Editor

      Send Event Panel

      Individual User Settings for Defaults and Filtering

      User Menus

      Gold, Silver and Bronze Job Classification


Entry Panel

Overview of installed client instances and add Cross-release Instances. Check status of Application/Event Servers.




Shortcuts to all Panels


Settings Panel

Default settings for Job Editor properties and database connectivity.


Job Editor

3-panel Job Editor with entry to Dependency and Machine Editor




Dependency Editor


Machine Editor/Selector




Scheduler Console

Multiple Scheduler Consoles with different Filters for each Instance. Cross-release Support




Quick Job Box Display


Advanced filterting



Sendevent Tool



Alarm Manager

Alarm manager with Acknowledge/Close Functions and Autorefresh. Cross-release Support.


Icon color follows Sentry Color. Sentry Change performe automatical refresh of Alarm Manager.


Alarm Sentry

Cross-release Support


Technical Overview

AUITGGUI is written in VB6 and will run on Windows 9X/ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows7


It is based on the presence of an installed AutoSys R 11 or 4.5.1 client and the relevant database client(s) (MS SQLServer and Oracle).

The AutoSys client may be configured against multiple Instances.

AUITGGUI will automatically detect the installed client and Instances.

Cross-release support is provided only through database connectivity.


All database access is performed through ODBC.

Database updates (except for Alarm Acknowledge/Close) is performed through JIL.


AutoSys R11 or 4.5.1 Client installed (the Command Prompt)

MS SQLServer Client (Utility)

Oracle Client (tnsname must be configured)

Contact, Trial and Purchase

AUITGGUI is developed by IT Gehrke Consulting APS in Denmark.


IT Gehrke Consulting APS is offering a 30-days unlimited trial


Purchase price is 100000 DKK for a 2-year unlimited site-license including maintenance


To obtain a license or trial please contact Poul Gehrke (

+45 97910404/22217990